CHRISTIAN COUNSELING CENTER—We all hit that proverbial brick wall of pain and need someone to walk with us on our journey of freedom. The Christian Counseling Center helps people find their freedom. Our qualified counselors provide excellent professional and biblical counseling services for those in the Southern Tier who are seeking spiritual, emotional and psychological wholeness. Integrating biblical truth with effective approaches to psychological and emotional healing, we encourage growth and balanced relationships with God and others. For more information or to set up an appointment, visit

TRANSFORMATION PRAYER MINISTRY—Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) is a process of prayer where the emotional hurts and wounds from our past, which now form our present beliefs, can be healed by our Lord Jesus. "TPM is a ministry that assists in the identification and replacement of lie-based thinking with the truth so that we may profit from God’s ongoing process of faith and belief refinement" (Ed Smith, The Process of TPM). Many in our church have already experienced this transformative truth, living free and victoriously! Appointments can be made by calling the church office at 729-7777.

FREEDOM ENCOUNTERS—This ministry confronts the generational hindrances to growth and freedom in Christ.  For more information, please contact the church office.